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picture by Yves Kraus

In early 2008, Steve Colin (vocals) and Mike Richartz (drums) met Michel Blanc (guitars), Eric Schmit (keyboards) and Charel Baumann (Bass) to bring BACKYARD back on scene. The new line-up lead to a renewal of the concept of BACKYARD’s music. Common to all of BACKYARD’s songs is the melodic expression of Steve’s voice, supported by pushing guitar-riffs and flaming keyboard-sounds. The band’s aim is to put melody, dynamics and sound into one great exploding performance on stage.
Since 2008, many new songs were written and recorded and BACKYARD made a lot of appearances on Luxembourg’s scenes.
Late 2011, BACKYARD knew some line-up changes: a new singer (Larry Bonifas) and a new bassist (Marc Muller) joined BACKYARD for Steve and Charel.

Now it is time to leave small Luxembourg behind, without forgetting our roots. BACKYARD has started to spread their music in the surrounding countries, Belgium, France and Germany, by concerts and releases: concerts in Belgium and France have been played, the EP BACK IN MY LIFE has been mastered and released in Germany at HOFA and is available i.e. on iTunes Europe and

· Beside appearances, some highlights so far :

2009: winner of the Rock the South Band Contest

2010: finalist of the  ZicMeUp-Tour 2010 (finale régionale St. Amand)

2011: winner with over 40% of the public votes of the DNR Food For Your Senses Band contest and, as a consequence, headliner on FFYS  

2011: winner of Duel de Luxe on DNR with the song Back in my Life

2011, june 17th: BACKYARD releases their single Back in my Life on iTunes Europe.

2011, july-august:

- Back in my life enters the RTL Hitmaschinn iTunes Charts at number 5 and climbs to 2nd place. Mid-august, Back in my life still figures in the top 20.

- since mid-july, the song has daily airplay as a part of the RTL music program as well the DNR music program.

- Back in my Life enters the Eldoradio Chartbreaker

2011, December: Back in my life @ 47 in the Top 100 RTL Hitmaschinn feat. itunes charts
2012, January: BACKYARD are recording a new EP, again @ Holtz Studios, called “Blue Coloured Night” which is going to be released in late October on iTunes Europe.

2012, February: BACKYARD covers Daniel Balthasar’s (Luxembourgish singer-songwriter) “All this time” and enters his own organised contest.

2012, May 4th:  BACKYARD releases their same-named single on iTunes Europe.

2012, May 12th: gain BACKYARD are entering the RTL-Hitmaschinn with a new song. Blue Coloured Night enters the RTL Hitmaschinn iTunes Charts as new entry at number 7 and climbs a week later to 1st place.

2012, May 19th: Single Blue Coloured Night is No 1 in RTL Hitmaschinn iTunes Charts

2012, September: After several gigs during the first half of the year BACKYARD are working on new songs for their first album.

2013, January 14th: Backyard is presenting the new EP titled "Blue Coloured Night" containing the no1 hit-single "Blue Coloured Night" (RTL Hitmaschinn May 19th, 2012) This Track was the most downloaded song by a luxemburgish artist in 2012 (as said on RTL Radio Lëtzebuerg, December 29th, 2012)